Author's Voice

HONEYGOLD, Thank you for publishing my first book. It was a wonderful experience. Publishing one's first book is an important occasion for an academician like me: like graduation day, like marriage, like your first child, it is to be cherished for life. And I am so happy that you made it special for me.

- Dr. S. Nalini


To go up in life, we need many ladders. Thank you HONEYGOLD for being a ladder to my career advancement. Now, I am an assistant Professor; soon I will become an associate Professor. I am indebted to you for publishing three of my books. I am fully satisfied with your professional work. Thank you.

- Dr. S. Senthilkumar


A million thanks to you - HONEYGOLD : you have taken care of all my publishing needs in conducting my Two-day National Conference. Right from the brochure to the publication of the proceedings with ISBN, you were there for me like my best friend. I am eager to Organise the next event. I am sure, I can do it sucessfully with your support. Thank you.

- Prof. P. Rajesh